Jochebed-A Woman of Faith May 14, 2017

A mother who raises her children with a sense of purpose and destiny is the most powerful influence in the world. In this study we feature a mom who raised three children who became national leaders, and how she did it! It is a lesson in faith.

Whats In A Name? May 7, 2017

Names are important, they identify and represent you. God’s Name has infinite value and should not be taken lightly. In this study we will explore ways to keep the 3rd command and utilize the power of God’s Name!

How Do you View God? April 30, 2017

Your view of God will determine almost every area of your life. In this study of the 2nd Commandment Pastor Steve will seek to expand your thinking, with the understanding that God is beyond comprehension! Since idolatry is pervasive it is good to review whom you worship!

Today God Is First April 23, 2017

Because our country had abandoned God’s standards we are floundering in a sea of uncertain currents. In this study of the “Big 10” Pastor Steve revisits the timeless and relevant truth of God’s moral law. If followed, these simple, but profound commands would restore our society.  After an introduction on why we should study the 10 Commandments Pastor Steve goes into 5 practical ways we can put God “F.I.R.S.T.” in our lives.

Getting Through the Days of our Lives April 16, 2017

We all go through days of pain and sorrow, which lead to days of confusion and despair. But through the events of the last three days of Holy Week we learn some principles from Jesus on how to live in resurrection power! It may be you are going through a “Friday” of pain, or a “Saturday” of confusion, but there is hope, “Sunday” is coming!  Pastor Steve preached this message on Easter Sunday-2017

Do You Have the Heart of God? March 26, 2017

After Jonah had witnessed a great revival we wouldn’t expect him to be angry, but he was.  As we probe God’s dealings with the prophet we see our attitudes toward the world around us revealed.  Self dies hard, but we know Jonah was eventually redeemed because he wrote the the last chapter of the book!  Listen to the message and answer the last question yourself.

The God of the 2nd Chance March 21, 2017

In this 3rd study in Jonah we learn the secret of changing our world.  Jonah’s message of repentance was tempered by a near death experience that gave him a new “life message.”  An entire city went to their knees and God spared wicked Nineveh.  You will find 7 comforting truths about second “chances”!

7 Lessons From Hell March 12, 2017

In the depths of the belly of a big fish Jonah cries out to God. Through his experience we learn 7 valuable lessons about ourselves and how we can change our world.

Running From God March 6, 2017

What will save our nation today? The answer can be found in the book of Jonah in the Old Testament. There are many parallels between Jonah’s struggles with obedience and what our world needs today. You may think you know the book but there are surprises in every verse. You may even discover God can even use your disobedience for His good!

The Things That Make God Sick February 5, 2017

Christ is seen walking through the candelsticks (churches) in Revelation 3-4.  When He comes to Laodecia He makes a diagnosis and prescribes a special remedy.  The invitation goes out today to all who desire to fellowship with the resurrected and living Christ.