Latest Sermons

Let’s Start With the Home

We start this study looking at a man who believed he could make decisions for himself and not suffer the consequences. This message looks at the many forces militating against the home but ends with the promise of God’s faithfulness and blessing.

June 28, 2015
Four Challenges For Every Man

On this Father’s Day, God is looking for a few good men. Men of courage. conviction and character. Men who will bring their lives under the control of Christ and do right, regardless of the cost. Men who will follow God’s will, and stick by thier vows and promises! The challenge goes out…will you be that man?

June 21, 2015
The Only Hope For America

In this concluding message of the series Pastor Steve shares some interesting history on the founding of our country. After looking at the cycles of history we are challenged to pray and seek God’s face for revival, for it is the only hope for America.

May 24, 2015