Latest Sermons

Jochebed-A Woman of Faith

A mother who raises her children with a sense of purpose and destiny is the most powerful influence in the world. In this study we feature a mom who raised three children who became national leaders, and how she did it! It is a lesson in faith.

May 14, 2017
Whats In A Name?

Names are important, they identify and represent you. God’s Name has infinite value and should not be taken lightly. In this study we will explore ways to keep the 3rd command and utilize the power of God’s Name!

May 7, 2017
How Do you View God?

Your view of God will determine almost every area of your life. In this study of the 2nd Commandment Pastor Steve will seek to expand your thinking, with the understanding that God is beyond comprehension! Since idolatry is pervasive it is good to review whom you worship!

April 30, 2017