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What Makes a Healthy Church

People have many reasons why they attend a specific chruch.  The Bible gives us five prerequisites for a healthy church and they are not what you might think.  Without any one of these five pillars you do not have a church.  Discover them with us in this study!

July 20, 2014
Encounter With Zacchaeus

Most people only know Zacchaeus as a short man who climbed a tree.  Zacchaeus might have been the richest man in Israel.  He was certainly the last Israelite to be saved before Jesus went to the cross.  His repentance and faith are refreshing.  In this study we  will draw some practical applications for today.

June 15, 2014
Encounter With the Blind Man Pt. 2

In this study Pastor Steve looks at 7 principles for turning every situation into an opportunity to bring glory to God. The chapter begins with the blind man receiveing his sight and ends with the “seeing” Pharisees learning they are blind.

June 1, 2014