Latest Sermons

Your Calling In Life (From the testimony of Paul)

This last study in this series in Acts reveals eight reasons why you need a clear purpose in life. Also answered are questions about Paul’s call and what Jesus considered were the basic elements of the Gospel.

October 26, 2014
Timothy & the Ministry of Mentoring

Timothy was Paul’s protege. Raised by his mother and grandmother he was taught at an early age the importance of God’s Word. Paul fanned the sparks of Timothy’s gifts and he became a great pastor/missionary who advanced the Kingdom. The message closes with four challenges Paul gave to Timothy that we can use with those we mentor.

October 19, 2014
Barnabus & the Ministry of Encouragment

How important is encouragement? Through the ministry of Barnabus, who encouraged Paul and John-Mark, we have 14 books in the New Testament! In this sermon Pastor Steve challenges all with the need to be encouragers.

October 12, 2014