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The Things That Make God Sick

Christ is seen walking through the candelsticks (churches) in Revelation 3-4.  When He comes to Laodecia He makes a diagnosis and prescribes a special remedy.  The invitation goes out today to all who desire to fellowship with the resurrected and living Christ.

February 5, 2017
Three Imperatives of Worship

Our faith is being refined and our testimony is being challenged in today’s world. We often retreat to the Psalms during trying times. Psalm 96 was written to give us direction and hope. As we mine the resources of this Psalm we will be encouraged and rewarded.

January 29, 2017
The Power of Unconditional Love

How would you define love? We know love can be an infatuation, and love is an emotion.  But what is true Biblical Love?  It is love that flows from the command of God, touches our will, and is seen in actions.  This study from the life of Hosea and Gomer describes God’s unconditional love.

January 20, 2017