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Do You Have the Heart of God?

After Jonah had witnessed a great revival we wouldn’t expect him to be angry, but he was.  As we probe God’s dealings with the prophet we see our attitudes toward the world around us revealed.  Self dies hard, but we know Jonah was eventually redeemed because he wrote the the last chapter of the book!  Listen to the message and answer the last question yourself.

March 26, 2017
The God of the 2nd Chance

In this 3rd study in Jonah we learn the secret of changing our world.  Jonah’s message of repentance was tempered by a near death experience that gave him a new “life message.”  An entire city went to their knees and God spared wicked Nineveh.  You will find 7 comforting truths about second “chances”!

March 21, 2017
7 Lessons From Hell

In the depths of the belly of a big fish Jonah cries out to God. Through his experience we learn 7 valuable lessons about ourselves and how we can change our world.

March 12, 2017