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The Answer Is Jesus!

Phillip left a successful ministry in Samaria in obedience to the Lord to minister to one individual who needed Jesus. The story has many lessons that we can apply to our Christian walk and witness.

August 31, 2014
Remembering the Persecuted Church

As we study the life of the first Christian martyr, Stephen, we remember the persecuted church around the world and glean insights on how to deal with persecution.  The message closes with the hope of John 12:24 and the testimony of Paul.

August 17, 2014
The Supremacy of the Gospel

In Acts 4 the apostles proclaimed that Jesus is the only One who gives salvation.  The rulers tried to silence them but the apostles couldn’t help but speak about what they had seen and heard.  It was noted that thier boldness came from being with Jesus.  The challenge to us is to spend time getting to know Jesus and then be a witness!

August 3, 2014